Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

I had recieved an email from a reader and it sure did catch my attention with the following view: "I initially thought you had it the wrong way round i.e. shouldn't it be two bodies of one mind because that gives you two minds rather than one shared between two bodies - but now I'm not sure." So it does seem like it ended up confusing him. Well i did reply and i had to share my reasoning to see if anyone agreed with my perspective of looking at it.

Here's my reply below:
I have always been open to discussion being a debator. While your view can be possible, i feel that one mind in two bodies makes sense as well.

Take the example of two best friends, like my best friend and me. We have known each other for 12 years now since 1st grade. We have now come to a stage where we know about each other such that our similarities,experiences and thoughts are shared by the two of us. So do you see the picture of having one mind (represented by the similarities, experiences and thoughts that we share) between two bodies?

Although our personalities are just as fun-loving and care free, we can be just as different as well. At times our interests differ as well, such that i have been told by a couple of friends that if we had only met recently, i would not have reached a close friendship that we have right now.

Also it just does not apply to my best friend. It also applies to all my other friends as well. I have friends that have different tastes in music, books, fashion and food but that does not mean that we do not share same views on matter, feel the same way during certain situations.

I think it could be due to me being a literature student that has trained me such to look beyond that which is presented at face value. That is why i do not take 'mind' in that phrase to be literal but see it in the perspective of thoughts, feelings and perspectives.

If I were to take it the way you think it should be as "two bodies of one mind because that gives you two minds rather than one shared between two bodies ", i would just make myself seem like someone with split personality. While a person can have two contrasting views that makes him sit on the fence for a certain issue, it does not exactly translate into having two different minds as the person does not always sit on the fence for all issues. Going back to what i said earlier about having the same views shared by two people shows consistency in both whereas there is inconsistency that exists between the two minds.

Also, if two minds were to come together due to the similiraties, they would ultimately fuse as one:not seen in a scientific or medical perspective.

Thus, at the end of this, i still feel that Friendship is one mind in two bodies indeed.

You could be right in bringing out the differences between the two individuals in concern, however, me being who i am i prefer to look for similarities rather than differences. Which brings me to assert that if this way of viewing things/people is adopted by the world, the conflicts that grab the world's attention could be solved.

This can be true for conflicts that are due to religion. From what i do know about the origins of three major religions in the world: Islam, Christianity and Judaism, they stem from the old testament and do have similarities that are valid and are found in the Koran, Bible and The Torah.

With National Geographic's ongoing Genographic Project, it has been proven that humanbeings do seem to originate from a single lineage rather than different beginnings with no connections at all.

So i guess you can see that i am a person that would rather see a glass as half full rather than half empty.

Although it may seem that i may have strayed of from what was the main point of discussion, I do hope that it does have some sort of linkage for you.

Do ponder on this as well which is just as interesting as the phrase that caught your attention: Some people play games with their mind but sometimes the mind plays games on the person itself.

What do you think about it.

I had this quote in one of my earlier entries when i first started my blog.

Hope it doesn't boggle your mind up too much. I also hope that your discovery of my blog was pleasant. I do thank you for interesting way of looking at how the phrase could be as i had never considered it before.


Once i clicked on the SEND button, i just wondered if it was too much rubbish and if it really made any sense.

Does it make sense to the rest of you?


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