Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Preserved Cherries on Cake...Ugh!

I have a thing against those fake pink cherries on cakes that taste like some horrible cough syrup (could have been some other syrup) when i was young. These cherries are a huge insult to real, sweet, red cherried that are nice and juicy unlike those bitter-sweet (its a sick kind of bitter sweet that would insult the bitter sweet taste of Dark Chocolates), preserved cherries. They just gross me out. I think its because i do not like most fruit-flavoured stuff that claims to taste just like the original fruit. I beg to differ, actually i do more then beg, I simply DO NOT AGREE!!!

I am not mad. I am just disgusted at those that came up with the idea of perverting the flavours of fruits to such a low degree.

I just got reminded of those cough-syrup tasting cherries while i was having a slice of my Black Forest Cake(its eggless) that i have at home and saw a huge pink imprint of where the cherries used to be.

The minute i opened the cake box, i got a piece of newspaper and started plucking those wanna-be cherries and dumped them into the scrap newspaper, crushed the newspaper up, squeezed it and twisted it to see if any juices would come out and threw it into the bin. No juices came out which proves my point about how disgustingly fake those cherries were. No juice, so what kind of cherries are they.

Why are these cherries in a disgusting shade of pink such that the girls that adore pink(the colour, not the singer) would be mortified by that shade. Why turn sweet, juicy cherries into bitter-gourd tasting juiceless cherries? Why? Can someone please tell me? Also, is there a group that aims to eradicate such cherries that i can join and go march with my comrades to pass a law that bans these disgusting tasting cherries. Or can there be an option of having chocolate dipped Strawberries(real, red, juicy ones) instead of these cherry wanna-be? (imagining myself in a march for banning these fake cherries is really weird. What would the chant be? We want justice- no more fake cherries. We want justice for our real Cherries!.....haha that is just too hilarious and unbelievable)

Oh well, till then i shall keep plucking off these things of every Black Forest Cake i eat. Maybe next time i should order instead of my dad when it is me who is eating the cake afterall. I think the chef would be happy to recieve my order or a Black Forest cake with no cherries so he does not have to punish himself by making sure that his hand doesnt shake as he gently places the cherries in the right place so that he doesn't mess up the look of the cake.

Incidently, this happens to be my 100th post. So i did fulfil my aim of achieving a 100 posts before my blogs 1st birthday.Yippie for me and my blog.

So please pardon me while i finish my slice and scrape every inch of my dish clean.


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