Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bindi Sue's tribute is beautiful

I am a person who doesn't admire others easily. It takes quiet a bit of time and convincing for others to be admired by me. Its not because i feel that i am superior or anything of the sort. I have always believed that for me to admire someone means that i am willing to learn from them and follow what they have done.

I did not join the hordes of people around the world making tribute to Steve Irwin in the days that followed his death because i was not sure about what i really wanted to say about this man that i have admired.

Yes, i have a conservationist streak in me along with the streaks for Human rights: more specifically in relation to women and children.

I have never been able to witness anything in torture before. This may partially explain why i am a vegetarian right now. Also, i have always found it ridiculous from young to take more from others if i do not return it. This applies to inanimate things and nature as well.

While i am not a enthusiast like Steve about critters and the amphibian family, his enthusiam and love for the animals have rubbed of me such that now i am actually beginning to believe that those animals may actually be more afraid of me than i am of them.

I realised all of this when i heard Bindi Sue's little speech to her father. While it was moving and simply beautiful despite it being short and completely free of any flowery language, the truth in it really left me in lurch because i had momentarily forgotten what i was working so hard for.

I have never felt any satisfaction if i do not put in any hard work or can't help others. That is why i admire Oprah Winfrey and Steve Irwin. Yes, they may have received large amounts of money and still do, but they receive it because people have faith in the work that they are doing for the good of the entire soceity. They receive these insanely large contracts because their past record gives evidence to the work they are capable of doing. And more cheques will be sent because despite the fame and fortune, these people do not show any lax attitude towards their work.

There are going to be critics for everyone and everything. To please everyone would be equivalant to being an omnipotent force. These people do enjoy their days off and their other little fancies not because they want to show off but rather because they are human after all.

Also, what makes me really admire these people is the fact that they are willing to let the world see them as they are. They are humans after all and have they drawbacks as well. But what really sets them apart is the fact that they do accept their drawbacks and are not ashamed of them.

I can't seem to upload the wallpaper designed by Animal planet. I first saw it in the Newspapers taking up an entire page. The simplicity of it really does reflect much more then what is portrayed in that wallpaper.

I have already felt the loss of a great man in today's world because he was a mate to all, both the humans and the animals. So here's to you Steve, I do hope to be able to do something that would be a fraction of what you have done. Cheers, mate.


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