Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it called narrow thinking or no thinking

Sure they r my seniors but the fact tht they have been in the same position for 4.5 yrs is a little shocking for me and made me consider abt how i view them.

Mayb he has been earning his incentive but the work scope is pretty much the same as mine except tht he manages 10 ppl. its great no doubt but 4.5 doing the same thg? with no change in management position?

He never failed to tell me off when i read the papers for 10 mins when he actually goes for freq smoking trips. i thought tht is almost like a basic necessity to keep up w what is gg on in the world n how ur company may b affected.

Its bad enough tht there r no newspapers in the pantry so the only access i have to the outside world is whatever little i catch when coming to work or the FT headlines i get on the email.

With the upcoming US elections n the fact tht i wanted to follow it like i did last time, i brought my radio to work thinking if i cld hear my collegues radio tht is 2 tables away, listening to the news wld b fine.

Its my mistake tht i raised the volume a little when Obama's speech to the congress began n the other senior working for 10 + yrs looked ard n asked what is it tht i am listening to. From the look on his face it seemed like he did not want to hear the news so lowered it. i tried to b nice by asking the guy working for 4.5yrs if it was loud. n he replied saying if music its fine but anythg else is distracting.

Thts when i reduced the volume till only i can hear n made a mental note tht these ppl r comfortable in their jobs n do not want anythg to do with being aware abt whats gg on w the world. sure they will b fine in their lives but as for me; i guess i will just continue to listen to the news twice a day at a almost inaudible volume n just update myself if no one else is interested.

So thts tht n they can keep their thinking (whatever) it may b n i will keep mine. Lesson Learnt!