Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Summer to Remember

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - the final book in the HP series will be released on the 21st of July 2007 and the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be out on the 13th of July.

I really can't wait for July.

Goodness, at least i there is one thing that i can look forward too without any form of apprenhsion.

Another piece of good news: The trio - Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have been signed on for the last 2 movies as well. Its not as if i am great fans of them but i doubt if i will be able to enjoy my last 2 HP movies if they weren't in the cast line - up.

I just can't wait for the mystery to unravel, so till then i will have to re-read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so that i do not lose the story line when i finally get the final book in my hands.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Realization? Not

Joel's latest blog entry just transformed those bells that have been ringing in my head for the past 3 weeks into loud church bells.

Joel has always had his inner talent with him and he finally realised what he is really good at.

Today, i have no inclination about the direction my life is heading to with full force. Till date, i have taken up subjects that i have never pursued. First it was the whole Triple Science fever when i was in TKGS and after the horrendous realisation that acience isn't for me i happily switchd to Arts in MJC thinking i was an arts person. Today, i am not at any crossroads. I am just standing alone in some weird desert in my head, cracking my brain and asking myself at every possible juncture in life as to why i want to do business. Its a good thing i got over the whole thing of making law my career long before i even got into law school. I know its late but i finally realised that i do not have the cut for law and i would not have been able to take the pressure. I guess the only comforting thought is that i have still continued swimming and i guess i have used those speech and drama skills from that course that i went to.

Currently the only thought that has been running through my head is the major that i may take if i get into Business and i have absolutely no idea about what it actually entails.

I think my brain is just muddled up.

I want those letters to come in fast, thats it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Partial Solar Eclipse

Today, there was a partial solar eclipse in the morning. Actually i didn't even now about it till i came back from rollerblading.

The atmosphere and the weather was pretty dull today and the sunshine was concentrated at certain angles. Must be due to the eclipse that prevented the sun from letting it light brightening up the atmosphere.

Its said that it ain't good to be out when there is any form of eclipse going on. Maybe it could have caused the black spots that i began to see.

Besides, this eclipse is particularly close to the vernal equinox that will occur on the 21st of March.

I wish i knew more about eclipse(s). There are 2 more for this year. Today's one was the 2nd one. The 1st eclipse of this year was a total lunar eclipse on the 3rd of April. The next total lunar eclipse is the 3rd eclipse for this year and will happen on the 28th of August. As for the last eclipse, it will be a partial solar eclipse as well and will occur on the 11th of September.

For some reason, my interest in astronomy has awaken and i hope i can understand the readings that are out there.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Memories and thoughts

Going back to school today and seeing it deserted (I forgot its the 1 week march holidays now) made me realise how much i enjoyed going for Geography lessons, be it lectures or tutorials.

The lethargic feeling that we used to experience after the double Lit lectures used to keep us at the benches in the Atrium before we finally lugged oursleves and our bags up to the Geog room, is something that i miss. I know its weird - about a year ago i often used to cringe at the thought of having to undergo an info heavy session but i always used to attend because i clearly remember that i used to enjoy the lessons despite the fact that i hadn't finished my tutorials. Now, its all going to change, even in University - if i dont finish my work, it aint going to bother the lecturers because it shows that i haven't got the self-discipline thats needed for University.

Just like what Mrs Chua told me this morning, in Uni i am going to have to do all my things alone. Its not like i never handled my responsibilites well, its just that the amount of guidance that we are going to be receiving is going to be minimal. Just like what Mr Chen used to tell us last year, he isn't obliged to come after us if we don't complete our work as he has already gotten his degree - but he still did because he did care (in a different way). Likewise, the professers in the Uni aren't going to come after us because 1) they aint obliged to do so and 2) it aint their job.
So its going to be a hell lot of brushing up once Uni starts.

Like people say, Uni life is the one time when we can have fun. Yeap thats for sure but that one statement has loads of assumptions. It can be assumed that the fun can be derived if the course you have decided to read is one that you enjoy or two it can also mean that we can have fun without any worries as there is no one that will come after us besides the police and the parents (if they are strict - if not most parents aint the least bothered). At the same time, people that are able to stay within their limit can have enjoy and have their share of fun without putting their future careers at stake.

There seems to be loads of options but i guess the lesson that i am going to take is that which i came upon while i was rollerblading yesterday. Just like i have wheels that allow me to go faster but it is the stamina that really determines my speed, likewise i do have opportunity to decide my future however the actual outcome of my future really depends on whether i do have that determination to make full use of my oppurtunity. Just like how i need to keep looking ahead to ensure that i do not loose my balance but keep looking down to ensure that small stones or gravel do not unstabilise me leave me scars, i need to keep optimistic so that i do not get depressed but at the same time i should keep my feet on the ground such that i do not loose my focus from reality and be wary of the small matters that can have a huge negative impact on my life.

Life seems to be really uncertain today. Last year seems as if it happened ages ago but it isn't technically . Today, i feel that i have lost my drive to be somewhere because of the impending decisions that are to be made and the following wait for the admissions approval.

I try not to be lethargic but i really can't help watching the T.V even though i know i have those 2 library books that i want to read.

All this has just made me realise the goodness in education. For that, i thank my parents, my teachers and my friends.

P.S : Doesn't the last line sound alot like the ending line of what the Oscar winners usually say? Oh by the way, i met Mrs Tay or also know as Jerene by Andy who complained that the current batch of J2s are difficult to teach. So in response i just joked about our batch being the best batch to teach, without seeing that Mr Max Cheong was nearby . So i got a huge, enthusiastic loud "YES" from Mr Max followed by a "definitely/absolutely" from Mrs Tay. Its such a nice feeling to know that the teachers actually liked us (including me considering the fact that Mr Max Cheong know me well enough). I am a happy happy person right now because i shared a couple of good laughs with Mrs Chua about my job and this incident just made me feel better!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Should I?

The option presented to me right now is tempting. But the question is whether i should accept while putting those that i care about at risk. To think that the offer has been presented by one of them makes it all the more confusing.

Is the offer genuine enough? Maybe there may be no hidden purposes right now but i am afraid that they may come up later.

If i do accept this offer, does that mean that i let the current one go away? What do i say? N how am i supposed to refuse?

If i get this option, i swear that i will really work on it. I will definately not allow myself to make any excuses for the downfalls i make. I can promise that i will not let this sacrifice go to waste.

So what now?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The results

Yesterday was a day that i know i won't be experiencing again. The nervous anxiety, the constant urge to breakdown and the final shock is just too much of feelings for just one piece of paper.

The results were fine. No more, no less. Yeap, i didn't get what i expected but i am satisfied. I am definately in a better mood today than i was yesterday. Currently there is nothing for me to give up. As for now, i am just going to move on as whats done is done. There is nothing i can really do about it.

I just hope i can get to that final destination in life. Seriously, there is a limit to how much these grades can determine our life.

Anyway, i would just like to congratulate all those that got their results yesterday, no matter what the results are - the congrats are meant for you being able to get past the exhausting and mind boggling two years. We JC students have now left them behind forever.

Oh and just a piece of interesting fact: Yesterday was the 2nd of March and it was exactly 3 months since the day the A levels started: 2nd Nov 06.