Wednesday, May 31, 2006


For the last couple of days i have been getting really irritated at people for being absolutely immature in the most serious situations ans simply making them worse. I am not saying that being immature/being kiddish is bad but seriously there is a time and situation for eveything. There is no need for anyone to think about where a situation is right and what manner of behaviours is a perfect match for that situation.

I just do not understand people who try to pick serious fights over little things and being absolutely hyper un-trusting(another word that i just came up with and have no idea if it exists) about every little thing that a person does. Ok i do understand that gaining back trust on someone for whom you have lost it is somthing really tough, i have gone through that, but just because of that person(s) i do not feel that anyone can be justified in starting to doubt every little existence on this planet. I may seem exaggerating but seriously these are people who do exist and i am not making them up to kill time, or when pretending to read my notes.

What irritates me even more is the attitude and behaviour of the group of race that you belong to. I think its completely irrational on the way these people segregate and are prejudiced against their fellow kind. I know that you must be thinking that prejudice is found within any race anywhere in the world, but seriously you would have never face a worse community before. No matter how much i try to stop myself from thinking negatively about these people, it never works. In layman terms, its severe bitching which has transgressed from a hobby to a full time job for many of these people. Whats much more interesting is how the men can actually be on par in this accupation despite already having a official fulltime occupation.

Just thinking about these two issues makes me feel like laughing even though the situation is serious. It is simply amazing as to how the mind of human beings work. I think i should go include psychology on my ever-growing list of what to read after my A's.

I think i am just going to be talking about a few random things now:
1) Fanna is a great movie not because of the story line or the songs or the director or the producer but because of the Lead actress : Kajol who made a wonderful comeback after being arried.

2) Being a Geographer, i would be inclined to support Amir Khan's views regarding providing the villagers with accomodations in place of what they loose due to the building of the Narmada Dam, which is desperately needed for the thousands of Gujaratis who have been living in drought and famine for years. While there are both sides to this issue in a geographical point of view, I do not want to enter into the debate as it involves political aspects much more than geographical.

3) Recently(last couple of months) i have been feeling rather good about being an Indian, please do not ask why, its just a feeling.

4) I feel like trying out a couple of new recipes during the june holidays to work of the stress that is bound to arrive in full force when i seriously start mugging.

5) I find this extra week of lessons completely useless. I am not absorbing anything from any of the lectures, I am not reading up for any of the lectures and I have not been revising, so whats the point of having this extra week i ask the wonderful school administration? Consultations would have been much productive.

6) I have discovered that Debates is something that i have truely and sincerely enjoyed. I can't wait to go down and support the new team in all their friendlies as well as the JCDC.

7) I am tired now so i shall go to bed and enter slumberland.

Ok that wasn't supposed to be a point but who really cares. All i know is that my brain is likely to go even more berzerk if i good nite and sweet dreamz to all...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Final Soccer Match: MJ vs VJ

I guess there have been loads of people beside the soccer team and me who have been looking forward to this day. School and lessons were the same as always with slight variations as to who gets to the Econs lecture theatre earlier and who is teasing who about what. The only lesson that i remember anything about today is the last lesson before we were dismissed to watch the soccer match: Geography. Mrs Chua's ex-students came back and when evelyn and her ventured out to chit-chat, I sneaked up and closed the front door and looked it and closed the curtains of the geog room. Wan Wen's Ipod was then utilised and music was blasting from the speakers and a picture taking session that had begun from taking pictures on the field with the soccer players of our class. When Mrs Chua finally decided to venture back, she threatened us and we meekly let her in and pleased her with our knowledge of knowing the kinds of winds and their directions.

I apologise to all JC1 councillors from now if i offend anyone of you, however it seems to be proven now on a daily basis the ineffieciency of the Jc1 councillors, in other words they are horrible at their job (this could be a generalisation as i do not know anyone from the new council personally and the possibility of improvement is there) as there was absolutely no co-ordination in anything, the cheers had to be led by the ex-council and they could not appeal to the general crowd.

When our class was finally allowed to make our way to the porch to get onto our bus, I passed down the message to rush for the bus like how we always do for Econs lecture however this time round we will be running as a class. The minute it was confirmed that all of us were on the same bus, Andy took off as promised with me following closely behind (Andy was supposed to make way for me as i was holding the plac cards that have very high wind resistance and take up a lot of space when running) followed by the rest of the class. Our sprint took over 3 other classes that were let off much earlier than us and we managed to grab the back seats and other premium seats due to the choice available to all of us. The bus ride like last year was filled with our class as the main producer of most sound on the bus, due to the continuous "rehersing" of cheers, the passing around of plac cards for the enitre class to write their little messages for the Soccer players and the creation of the new tactic as the get the best seats.

Upon arrival at the stadium and the discovery of where the enterance is, the secret mission of taking over almost half of the classes earlier began with Andy who was in the lead but got caught up behind. I remembered seeing this relatively tall malay guy in a white polo tee and black track pants at whom i looked when he continued to look at me and smiled when i had absolutely no response. So i just dismissed as that guy as cross-eyed or dazed from soccer practice until i heard Andy's shriek "oii its Fandi Ahmad". Due to my absolute ignorance of the S-league and all and how Fandi looks now, i had not recognised the guy, this ignorance will once again be repeated towards the end of the match.

With this incident left behind and the main priority of getting good seats came back to us, the whole class, being the epitomy of kiasuism, rushed up the stairs and took ages till we decided to get the 3rd row right behing the team.

The match kicked off on a great start with MJ being in possesion for quite a fair bit which resulted in Zul scoring a goal. However the refree was no doubt biased in a lot of ways and was the worst when he sent of J Khoo( number 2) of the pitch with a red card for absolutely no darn reason and awarded VJ with a penalty which for thank god was saved.

Right when MJ was winning 2-1 with 4 more minutes to go, the tables turned around as the Victorians tried tricks on both accounts by creating a whole lot of confusion right in front of the goalpost so that the Mjc soccer guys were helplessly trying to figure out where the ball was. Its not like the goalkeeper can't save, as proven otherwise on loads of countless incidents, and the entire blame cannot be put on a single person.

However i will say one thing: This years team wasn't as untied as last year especially this years J1s who seem as if the are living of the glory of last year's team. Whats worse is the fact that soccer being a team sport requires need everyone's effort to the max which seemed to be lacking at times on Thursday. Call me biased but from what i have seen for a couple of matches before the final, the midfielders often had to dribble the ball from their side to the goal post which they often cannot thanks to the horrible guys who constantly tag them. It was really obvious as to the lack of cohesiveness in the team that resulted in the score difference.

At the end of the match, i felt tears rolling down my face and heard myself screaming and cheering for the team especially when they bowed to us. It was great to see the support of the whole school being there, despite the result. Despite everything, i still feel that the team had tried its level best which was definitely a couple of notches higher than Vj's stooping to dirty tricks to win.

Once the tears stopped just as abrubtly as they had started, i was wondering as to how to pass the plac cards to the guys and decided the pass them to the new female soccer coach/2nd coach: Anderson who said something about not being around and called this other guy who i guessed was brazilian and a friend of Fabio's, so when this guy, who actually looks quite good came up to me, i just told him: could you please pass this to Adher and anand. And when he seemed a lil confused i just told him to pass to the players and they will know whose his whose and said thanks and turned around. Once i turned around, i heard this whole outburst beginning from Vanessa, Radiah and Nursilla who burst out asking me what i was asking this national soccer player about etc. Marilyn's response was the classic one: Aneesha! what was you motive huh? Couldn't you go talk to that Ah Pek (refering to Anderson) huh? With all this noise and the identity of this guy being mysterious or rather unknown to me, i was simply dazed. I have forgotten then exact name of this player, will edit this post when i get the name of Nurc or Rad, however i think it was pronounced as Igma, if i am not mistaken(update: name is Egmar Goncalves and position forward). So ignorance of the Singapore National Team etc was proven on Thursday, however, i could have gotten those cards signed by him, if he was indeed that great a player for the soccer guys.

Oh well, life is an interesting thing as anyone can testify to, filled with unexpected occurences and sudden twists in reality that makes everything seem like a horrible dream. Thanks to Ms Lai, who is Da Woman, today(friday) is a public holiday and the beginning of the June holidays that require much to be done. Well i guess i will say my Good nite now and head off to bed and fall asleep watching the stars and the moon....Gd nite and Sweet Dreamz to all....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A wonderful CCA

Thank you to all in the ELDDS exco for making our CCA fun and all the more cool. I will definitely be missing all fo you cool and funky people as well as the rest of the Drama people. To my dear Debator Grls, thanks for making a great team, enduring all of my crazy antics, having tonnes of fun and spending loads of hilarious times together.

I can't but help blog about what Steph and I did today thanks to my "adventerous" streak. For those who have been to my place would notice this huge block of land next to my block that is a huge green plateu covered with thick grass. Since Steph took 58 with me to come over, I decided to walk over the plateu as i finally have company. Thanks to the thick and deep grass into which we seemed to keep sinking down and upsetting the poor lil grass insects it took us ages to get across the "vast plain" as shown in the picture below.

While we were foraging through the huge space, we came across a slight depression that i name a "hole" and freaked Steph out who was afraid of falling into that "hole". I jumped the 1st time to show Steph how to jump across it, but i had simply scared Steph too much and jumped right back to save my dear steph by going off our track to get to flat land. So we finally made it across after much laughing and exclamations from Steph declaring me Crazy and Mad which i gladly accepted as i had just proved. Our final obstacle in order to get down onto mainland was going down a slope on which Steph decide to duck walk down. Well here is an example of how she did it.

Steph i am really sorry for bringing you across and taking your photo. However i still maintain that you look really adventerous while going down that slope, considering i couldn't duck walk down and had to simply walk down the slope.

Upon reaching the mainland, it seemed as if we had accompolished a great feat and were happily rejoicing our victory in the middle of the pavement....actually it was me, who was doing to crazy victory dance that is choreographed at the spur of the moment.

Well besides all my crazy antics, Steph and I had a really good talk about the future of our plans and devised a secret plan that will be revealed to 2 others in time to come.

In all today, is a great day that promises a tomorrow that will be jusy as great. So once again, thank you to all those in ELDDS and adious to all....tataz.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something about my blog that my readers should know

First and Last thing, alot of the things that i put down on my blog or my feelings towards others are mostly for those that often do not know of my blog and do not read blogs. If you ever feel that i am targetting you, it would do both of us good if you clear it out with me before jumping to your own conclusions about me being an absolute bitch. If you feel that the things that i put down about others are qualities that you have and feel upset about them, i am truely very sorry to one and all. If you do feel otherwise, being a debator and all, i welcome all other viewpoints but at the end of the day if i feel that i can change my view i will however being a Taurus let me just warn you that its going to be one hell of a jobm but do not be put off by that. There is my tagboard and my email that you contact me through but please do not be anonymous but put down your name.

My blog's fonts seem to have some kind of double vision when i downloaded the Updated version of Microsoft Interent Explorer version 7. So I have narrowed my choices to 3 blogskins after going through 3000+ blogskins on I hope the new look of my blog suits it.

Now that CCA has officialy ended for me, I have started feeling the pressure of my academics, its a comfortable level of pressure right now because i do know that once i have set my mind to somthing, nothing will be able to divert my mind. My blogging may come to a standstill at times because i do not plan on boring my readers with details on Geography and Economics.

To the Drama people, i just want to tell you that even though i am a debator and all i still feel what you guys have gone through. Its a huge disappoint no doubt but i guess this is somthing that we will be facing along every other step in this life.

So till my next post, i wish all a wonderful summer.....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Its official

Well thursday was the day that i have been looking forward to for quite sometime. The drama folks had SYF on that day( to all drama peeps, just wanna tell you that your performance is really great, from the script to the costumes to the props and most importantly the actors themselves ) and there was Eldds elections held on the same day. Made a suggestion thanks to Steph about only having the Debaters to vote for debate head and nothing else coz this year there has been no interection what so ever between the drama and debate groups. Last year, Eldds really did live up to its name as both sides knew each other or maybe it could just be the fact that i knew everyone from Drama and Debates. Congrats to Nich for making into the position of Debate Head and all the best cause you seriously need it.

So its final, the J2s have stepped down from CCA officially and it really does feel good. Can't wait for the Alumni proposal to be crafted up and handed in. The need to personalise our eldds t-shirts is something quite pertinent but that means going all the way till Plaza Singapura to get the stuff from Spotlight.

Besides CCA there has been the behaviour of couple of people that have been very irksome. All i want to say to those is that if you feel you are being put at a disadvantage or being unfairly treated, just wait till you enter the working world or even earlier get into University. Seriously Nothing in this world ever seems fair, actually nothing is fair. Sometimes you just have to accept things the way they are and seriously start moving on, because you can take this experience, learn from it and perform better in the future in other situations.

I may seem harsh but i have always stood by this principle: somtimes you do have to take the bitter medicine to get better so in other words you may have to lose,fall, be ostracised and even ridiculed and face the criticism or music to become a better person. I may seem like a horrible friend but I am not called a friend if i simply keep praising you or supporting you even if you are doing the wrong things. I would rather see you fall than see you crushed because one can pick themselves up or have others to help them up and move on but how in the entire world do you expect me to help you when i can no longer do it if you are crushed. I will always be there to help you up from the fall and even help you prevent it, if you are really sincere in changing.

Besides all the gloom, A great piece of news is the fact that the MJC soccer guys have beaten JJC 1-o at the semis on Thursday, which i couldn't go thanks to the elections, and have secured themselves a place in the Finals against VJC for the 2nd time. The school admninstration and PE department has been absolutely generous in providing transport to Jalan Besar Stadium(as the National Stadium is being renovated) for both the J1s and J2s. It was completly unexpected especially for allowing the J2s to go down but then, my class was already scheming on Friday on how to persuade Mrs Logan, Mrs Chua and our PE teachers into letting us off after the Compass period. I guess till 7.30 pm on Thursday, the Soccer guys can train and get a great team put together while the rest of us can give them our full support and pray for them to bring back the Championship title again.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The beginning of a new phase

It is amazing how 12 years of friendship can allow us to just open up and talk about anything and everything. To my dear sis, i just want to tell you that you are the only one who is constant through all that has happened to me. Thank you for everything, sometimes i feel that i do not thank you enough. Even though we do not get to chat as much as we used to, i guess its the times that have gone that allows us to savour the trust that is ever present. Thank you for sunday, not only did you give me a wonderful birthday present through your company but also made me realise a whole lot more. Cafe Iguana is a great place to be, Margaritas are better than Cocktails, Happy hours are indeed very happy and joyful and finally we have a whole lot of stuff to accompalish the next time we head down there. Thank you for knowing what is in my mind and being able to relate, seriously some of the best memories that i have are shared with you. I promise that no matter what happens in the future, no matter what path we take in the future, no matter who we meet in the future nothing will come between us.

To all those dear friends that sent me the wonderful messages on my birthday, i sincerely thank you. For those who do know me well, know that i treasure messages and all things simple more than stuff that is extravagent. Thanks Sis again for treating me and giving me my favourite chocolates, thanks to Van, Evie, Wan wen, NurC, Rad and the others who chipped in for the huge bar of dark choc and those pretty earrings. Dear Sinz, thanks a bunch for the wonderful post and do not apologise for being a day late, your wishes are good enough.

To my fellow MJC Debator Grls, thanks for all the hilarious times we have shared over the last year and half. Can't wait to get the Debate Alumni started. I am really taking away a whole lot of experiences from debating. To my coaches: David Gabriel and Deborah Nga thank you for all the coaching and faith in me. To the J1 debators, all i have to say is All the best as Debating does bring out the Bitch in you, as you learnt from last Sat at the Acjc intercollegiates.

To my parents, all i have is thank you for everything till now. I guess from now on you do know that I can definitely stand on my own feet as i have my priorites right and i just do hope that you can learn to let go cause I am definitely growing up and away and you guys aren't exactly growing any younger.

To all the teachers that have taught me in my last 12 years of formal education, i would just like to tell you that you have definitely no wasted any effort on me. Thank you for all the effort that you have put into my education. Teachers no matter how they are personally, you will always have a special place in my life as you helped mould me. Although my appreciation may not be obvious at times, i do appreciate for all that you do.

With the arrival and passing of my 18th birthday, I have learnt that i have to rely on myself if i want to get what i want to achieve as there are always going to obstacles no matter what. I do know that i have the will in myself to move on and carry on as the situations that i have gone through over the past year has taught me more than what i would have learnt without them. I have realised that life isn't fair and although my nature to be selfless at times prevents me from going up the ladder as fast as others, i do have confidence in myself to get where i want to get.

I have taught myself to look out for the silver lining of the dark clouds during every thunderstorm to move on and not to give up. I do not plan to go back on what i have started because i will disspointing a whole lot of people along the way beside myself. I plan on carrying out what i had planned mentally and actually put my words into actions and prove to all those sceptics out there that i can make it.

Yea sure with my 18th birthday i can get my license to drive, drink and go clubbing, but below all the hype i truely feel that it is the beginning of a new phase in my life as i will be leaving quite a few things behind and moving on.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lets get loud

Considering the different kinds of music that i have in library, I just realised that recently that i have been listening to loads of latin music(Shakira and J Lo) and those have a cool and chill out feeling(Jack Johnson, Gavin Degraw etc) to them. It could be due to the increasing temperatures and the need to unwind. I think i have been pressurising myself these days to concentrate but i can't keep up with myself and my targets. I guess i am just going to have to take my own advice to take everything slow, after all Sunday is going to be here soon and i am pretty sure i can start a new from then.

Debates has gotten me into a rotten mood but i have decided that i am just going to enjoy the ride since i have already been chosen for the team. Its hectic no doubt, but there aint nothing that i can anyway. No matter how and what i think once again i have nothing but to do but get down to Acjc.

I have been doing lots of reflecting these days and I have discovered that I have not changed much and in the aspects that i changed, i changed for the better and i guess i can just keep doing that. Life has been getting tougher these days, situations are such that easily make us teenagers retaliate and all i can say to others especially those older is to let us have some breathing space, as i am pretty sure that no one will like the consequences of whatever happens.

With that i would like to wish all Buddhists a Happy Vesak Day and to the rest: Have a nice long weekend....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Its getting really hot coz its Summer

Its been getting hotter by the day for the last week, with a occasional breeze. The sun is harsh and i need to start bringing my shades everywhere now. The sky this morning at 6.40 was a nice bright orange n i wanted to get a snapshot of it but i was in the kitchen while my phone was in my bedroom. The days seem a little longer although they aint as long as those in New Zealand. So this is the beginning of summer in Singapore when it is actualy mid-spring in most temperate countries. Despite all the heat, i just love Summer. Just beacause i am in J2 right now and my As are the most important things right now, i aint engaging in all things related to summer but just wait till next year. Summer is going to be the time when i will be slacking, chilling out and just having all the fun Summer time brings.

School has been mildly hectic, the tutorials, the class tests or quizzes and the impending revision has been putting quite a bit of pressure on me. While i am glad that i have been completing all my tutorials and have not had to resort to copying franticly in the morning, i feel that i am really falling behind on my revision plan as i planned on getting started in 2nd week of May but now everything is put on hold thanks to another debate competition: ACJC debates, that i have to participate in with Jashan, Nicholas, Yih Ching and Jasmine. I guess i will have to really carefully plan out my Vesak day as i have to finish reading and getting my concepts right for International Trade, decide the timings for the debate meeting( i am still deciding on whether we should have it or not) and get everything ready for saturday that will be completely spent at Acjc and sunday is completely booked with the plans that have been confirmed.

The situations that loads of people have been going through has made me realise and appreciate what i have and what i don't. I am thankful for everything especially to all those people that i know. Be it friends or family, i have truely learnt to appreciate one and all. On the whole, i feel happy and satisfied. It could be my nature, the way i am and the way others are.

Lisa was telling me that my blog is completely filled with my soccer craze, well Lisa just wait till the World Cup begins, you will just not only be updated on the matches but you will find me gushing about the players as well. I think i will try out Anime either after the A's or when i am truely sick and tired or studying, depending on which one comes first, but i will try watching some. I just can't wait for the World Cup to kick off. Well Grl, don't be disspointed about just getting to read about soccer, when the floorball season kicks off i will try to come down and support you guys and even if i can't i will definitely be updating the masses on how great floorball is and the number of shots you scored. I think its a great sport considering i love Ice hockey and almost joined Inline hockey last year.

That reminds me, The MJC soccer guys have made it into the Semi finals after the draw against RJC on monday. The game was full of shocks. Both teams were defensive although Rjc tried to get a bit to get some shots in order to qualify for the Semis. I felt kinda sad for the Rjc guys when they huddled on the field after the match for a prep talk but i felt really bad for Adher and Zul who had loads of shots on target but couldn't break through the 'great wall of china' that was constructed as both of them were tagged by 2 players each.

This post is a jumble of things that is currently running through my mind right now. Although everything is a jumble right now, its amazing how everything falls into place when it happens unconsciously. Well i guess that will happen pretty soon after a nice cool shower and start analysing Silas Marner.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I feel good

Thursday was a great day that made me feel librated. Makes me sound like i was enslaved or something, i think i was by the thoughts of having to undergo Physical training till August and absolutely stressful debate trainings, but now they are a thing of the past. On thursday, I could proudly proclaim that i got a silver(thanks to standing broad jump) for Napfa even though i did relatively well for 2.4 km with a timing of 15.22 mins( i noe i am not fast, come on i walked twice, position 13, feel good) but with the passing through of all my 5 stations, it was celebration time. Actually i was already cheering and jumping crazy right after i got my mark for standing broad jump.

What made the day was the Soccer match. It was against Acjc (the one that was postponed due very heavy rainfall early on) and The MJC soccer guys trashed Acjc with a score of 5-2 with all the 5 goals scored by Zul(number 33). It was a pity that the 4th student council was kinda really pathetic and had no idea how to keep the cheers going. Their voices were really irritating till i happily lashed out at one of them. It was great of Fabian to take over from the incapable hands of the j1s and kept the cheers going on and growing on.

The feeling right after th match was crazy, i was absolutely high. Had debate trainings right after that at 7 pm, the debate (consisting of j1s entirely) was absolutely crappy despite all the info that we guys fed them. Ended up with some homework, which we j2s aren't going to be doing coz we simply have too much on our hands. Sorry about that Deborah. Even though i was really tired, had a slight throbbing headache that kept throbbing at slightly increasing intensities and reached home really late, I felt absolutely happy.

On the whole, i feel more motivated especially in the Academic sense. I want to get that msg 1.9 for Mr Chris Chen and Mrs Chua( i do not want her to cry even if the paper is absolutely disgusting). To Marlz, if it helps read my post on escapism and remember that i am always there for you no matter what. This applies to all my friends. To the rest i wish you a Good nite and sweet dreamz.....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

05A202's Corny pickup lines

I finally came up with my very own pickup line, was cracking my brain and for some reason it formulated itself this morning, i feel proud of it thanks to the Approval of Marlina and the sudden hug that almost threw me of balance from dear Lisa, Marilyn's amazement at such a sweet line. Well i think i will blog about the lines that have been created so far before i finally publicise mine.

1)Refree i need a red card, because he just tackled my heart(used on Adher)
2)Do you have a dictionary? I need to find a word to describe my feelings for you(used on Adher as well)
3) do you have a thermometer because i have the hots for you.
4) Is your freezer working? Coz my heart just melted.
(sorry marlz i cant seem to remember the rest)

Wan Wen: I must sue you for assault because you really knocked me out.

Lisa: (dunno if it is a original) Are your parents artists? coz they created a masterpiece.

Can't seem to remember Radiah's exactly.

Mine: Even if there is a blackout, there will always be electricity-between us.

I think mine is really sweet and Marlz called me queen of cheesiness but i really doubt this title. Anyway to all you readers, These pickup lines are created by the brain power of these girls and are no meant for any one to claim their ownership over them except for the creators. If you should ever come to a time when you really need to use them, please ask the creators politely. Thack you...heehee

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Escapism - what is it?

I am really fed up with people resorting to alcohol as a mean to escapism. I can't stand the sight of their faces when i learn that they resort to alcohol to "get over their problems", but what these people actually do is to try and shove it into a corner of their mind instead of meeting it head on and getting over it for once and over. Do not get me wrong, i am not saying that life is without problems, i do accept that there are many situations to which there are no solutions what so ever, i do know what it feels like to be stressed up and under constant pressure. What i say to this is to STOP BROODING over the matter, let the past be and move on, forgive yourself and others if you have to. You may say that its easier said than done, but what i say to this is if you are determined and are willing to make a change and prove otherwise, anything is possible no matter how impossible it is. Escapism is somthing that i consider pure rubbish and nonsensical, there is nothing in this world you can escape till you die. What is it that you are trying to escape from? By escaping something, can someone please tell me if the situation that follows is better or worse. Its usually much worse. By getting yourself drunk or through whatever other means you are trying to escape, all you are trying to do is to put that matter away so that you can have a good night's sleep. But have you ever thought if others have a good sleep or not. Maybe you are just so caught up with yourself that you can't even think about anyone or anything else. You tell others that they are weak but what the hell are you if you are trying to escape? Seriously do not point fingers at others if you yourself aint perfect which you know you are not. Stop being so selfish, have you ever wondered about the sacrifices others make and what you would end up like if not for those who bother and care for you. But no all you think is about yourself and how these people are out only to get you and cause harm to you. Well let me tell you somthing those that those people you think you must be good and kind to are actually the ones that are out to get you and can't wait to see you fall flat on yourself. Just for your information, you are the first person i have decided to give up on because you are simply hopeless.

To my dear readers, it is not meant for anyone of you. It is meant for someone who doesn't even read this. I just needed to get this chip off me, please do not take offence at this.

On a much lighter note, this week is corny pickup line week which was started out by Marlina. I still have to come up with one. Ewis's are simply too sexual, Radiah's and Wanwen's are really cool, Lisa's was hilarious but cool as well. Adher's response to them all were bashful, typical him and classic. I can't wait to come up with one.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A great workout

Yesterday i got this horrible urge to go to the gym and swim. So i headed down to our dear family club, Singapore Swimming club and hit the gym. Did my usual 2.5 run, crunches, leg extensions etc with weights that i kept changing and other stuff that i cant remember. The pool was amazing, the water wasn't hot from the blistering sun( i swam at 2 pm)instead it was just nice, the temperature is pretty hard to describe in words and i wish i had a thermometer then. Anyway those 10 laps were easy and it was great to enter the sauna after the swim as u do not feel heat that is able to melt you but a nice temperature that is soothing for muscles that haven't been exercised in a long time. I realised Snapple's Pink Lemonade is a good drink after a workout as it quenches the thirst and keeps you from getting hungry as i had lunch at 5 pm.

I just hope this worklout will be able to get me a silver for my Napfa, especially the standing broad jump and shuttle run. Any tips anyone?

I think this post has absolutely no structure what so ever as all my thoughts are in a jumble, my feelings are pretty much jumbly as well: kinda angry, happy, sad. I just hope i end up fine by tomorrow....