Monday, January 30, 2006

Why Me, Why me!!! *in wan wen's style of saying why*

Why wan wen? Why victimise me? Am i such an entertaining target? Goodness gracious me. Oh well i will carry out the 1st half as usual and shan't victimise no one. As i know what kind of lovers my friends would like and too bad they don't have blogs.

My Task: to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.Need to mention the sex of the target.Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their page saying they have been tagged.

My lover: Male
1) Vegetarian( has to be one or will make him one)
2) Treats me as an equal
3) Tall, actually very tall, 6'3, nice height(reason i love wearing heels), Great body and built
4) Professional, preferably a lawyer (one of my ideals, open a law firm jointly)
5) Enjoys stuff that i do as well,share loads of stuff in common, vice versa
6) Romantic, Sweet, Tough, Filled with humour(its in his nature, not those that try really hard to be funny) and Caring
7) Loyal
8) Ability to form his own decisions and not influenced by others; in other words has a mind of his own. (although he has to take my opinions into account...haha)

So are all of you happy now? Victimising me for no darn reason. Actually its kinda fun though. However i don't understand one thing, why did you victimise me when you have loads of people in your links? Alritey then, cant wait to read the other victims list....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to all

Before i rattle of as usual, would just like to wish all my friends and readers Happy Chinese New Year.

Lisa has been asking me for shorter posts, but dearie i can't because what i have to say usually takes long to describe or explain and realising that i am not an avid blogger, i have to kinda make up for the long stagnant periods that my blog goes through. Take pity on my blog.

Anyway, wanted to thank Marlz for the amazing eggless cinnamon buns that she baked for me when she actually baked a batch for Adher, Alan and Marilyn for their birthdays. I think my class is seriously beginning to get the hang of our long school hours although we complain alot. Lisa has made me a proficient whiner now although i aint as good as her yet. The guys are going plain berzerk from all the school stuff, lessons are very heavy going(if i find them heavy going now i think i may suffer from some sort of hypertension when may-july comes when we will be finishing our syllabus and mugging for the whole serious of tests that we will be sitting for) and piles of homework that seem to appear in a blink when the weekends or holidays arrive. I think i am just fine with Lit and Geog although i seem to forget stuff during Ms K's and Mr Low's lesson, still it aint as bad as econs where i cant seem to understand Money and Prices coz i don't see any link between the three parts and between each subheading in the parts. This was reinforced when Mr Naresh decided to pick on my for the explanation of why value of some money rises or something and i was stunned as i was happily chewing gum and trying very hard to concentrate on the lecture before he shoved the mic under my face. Oh Gosh, i really do have alot to catch up. I have a feeling that Mr Chen will be popping up a Urban test soon on all the topics, maybe 2 drqs and an essay, i dunno. We will be recieving our first Paper 1 assignment for lit next week and GP is a lesson that we all dread now due to the essays and uncomprehendable questions in the Comprehensions.

While its great that school starts on wed next wekk and will be missing our 2 long days, i bet the teachers are going to try and make up for their lost time by squeezing lotsa stuff into a puny period of 50 Mins.

Oh i just remembered that the coming friday is Road Race. I will be managing the music box with fuad. Could my dear classmates, please give me names of songs that they would like to hear so that i will make a CD just for our A202, this is the least i could do since i aint running on that day. Will be cheering you on so don't worry. I feel terrible for not being able to be with you all.

So here i am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon baking in the heat trying to make some sense of Money and Prices. So Enjoy your holidays while i run off to get a choc bar to cool myself off....Tataz

Friday, January 20, 2006


I absolutely adore this week. The running about around in school to be punctual for lessons and having plain ole fun with my dear class is the main highlight of this week. Bullying the guys; having little tete a tetes with Marilyn, Marlz and Lisa; cutting out "tree trunks and branches" from thick cardboards with Koala King and Marlz while Ewis and Justin were absolutely horrible spectators as they would unnerve me when i am perfectly unnerved despite the cutter flying my way and threatening to cut me as i am able to control the inanimate thing from causing any harm to me or them as they were simply holding on the boards to aid me in cutting out the boards; perfecting our "chocolate" painting skills with the class and catering to the whims and fancies of "princess ewis"; arm wrestling with the iron woman of our class and dear evie till both my arms ache till they are numb; checking out Sungei Rd with Mrs L, Joostin, Marilyn, Lisa and Fuad (the car trip to and fro were highly entertaining as fuad was squashed behind with Marilyn, Lisa and Me as the three of us refuse to accomodate any of our "space, while Joostin was an automobile primitive who banged the doors and frantically looked around to find the lever to move the front passenger seat infront); Behaving absolutely crazily in class while decorating the board and finally creating a master piece in a short span of time(creative juices flow during time constraints). I believe that life after JC will be of much lower intensity (will be reaching home from Uni considerably much earlier than the late hours that i have been coming home this week) but i will not be able to find such times again and that is for sure.

Despite all this i feel dissapointed due to 2 parties, the first is a group that i thought i had a lot of faith in and the 2nd is a family member. What has happened has really left me doubting my faith in others and even more so in myself and my abilities. I always acknowledged the fact that i was kind of disliked by the person-in-charge but this was made up by the thought that i had that i had a great group of mates who understood me well enough and would be by my side. However, i am convinced that this has changed after what i was accused for this week. I use the word accused because it was the opinion of one which was kind of reinforced by the others and the accusation was completely off-course and unfounded at the end of the day. I have truly wished good for everyone and this applies to my "enemies" as i do not think i will benefit anything, ANYTHING from wishing ill about another. I am dissapointed NOT hurt or jealous as i feel as if i have been let down my every single one of them who have missunderstood me and thought that i would be jealous of a fellow one. I thought that they would know me much better than that. When i said i was horrible at my job, i was told that it was utter rubbish as i was the only one who would talk to the TIC. I think it is really disheartening to know that i was only valued for that. I do admit that i like to be efficient when it comes to work that has a deadline and do complete things a little earlier beforehand. If this has offended or hurt anyone i am truly sorry, as i had good intentions for everyone and not just my self. Saying this has actually made me realised that i often think too much about others and am too nice to others that i have forgotten about myself and actually ignored myself entirely and placed others before me. I do NOT blame anyone of you but myself for this as it is my fault. As for the 2nd party all i have to say is that you have made me loose my faith and hope in my current home and i really do hope that what David has always been talking about the hoffman's process doesn't hold true for me. The wounds that i have cannot be healed by your feeble explanations as i feel completely disattached from you and your "other half".

I think all i have to say in the end is that i pray that i do not have to go through any more dissapointments which will completely eradicate my faith in this human world. The reason why i have put this down is beacuse it has tormented me for a week and i hope that by putting this down i will be able to forget what has happened and go on with my Life. To the above party concerned please do not raise this topic anymore, what is done cannot be undone. Everything from the beginning has come as a surprise to me. Finally I am sorry, I am just sorry...i have nothing more to say but I am Sorry.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The other side of teachers

For the first time I have seen the "other" side of my schoolteachers. They include Mrs L, Ms L (I figured I should hide their identity for my safety) and Mr Chris Chen. This may not seem intriguing to many but it does interest me to know that the teachers are not what they seem. (Readers, please note that I am not insulting or defaming any of these teachers.)

During a GP lesson when we were to fill in the countries of the capitals given when Mrs L decided to imitate the way certain beauty queens portray their own Countries. I didn't take her actions seriously as all of us as usual were crapping around and having fun when Mrs L burst into a serious of over exaggerated animated imitations of these beauty queens. It's absolutely hilarious to see her as no one can imitate the high-squeaky voice that she adopts accompanied with her vigorous hand movements. This just decided to stay in my mind because I have never imagined Mrs L to act in that manner or actually enjoy imitating others.

As for Ms L, I learnt about her other side during our Econs lesson when she was explaining the difference between Potential Growth and Actual Growth when she started to ask us the factors and supplement them with examples. Under the Factor of Land, someone gave the example of invading and conquering new land to increase the size of their country. I was rather disgusted by that thought (and still am) when Ms L went gleeful and said in a high-pitched voice "what was that ah? Its really good I like it, I like it" I was shocked and I asked her if we could write such an example down in the essay and she looked at me as if I was crazy and nodded her head furiously and said "of-course, why cannot?" I do know that many may not understand my fuss for not writing down such an example as it is ONLY an essay and stuff that we write will not make a difference to any government or country but what is the use of putting down this example when it is absolutely NOT Practical at all. So if u do write that down as a point and use it for evaluation purposes by saying that although it may sound good in theory in real life it is actually not feasible. I mean I am really against this example because if this was the case why would Israel be returning Palestine and West Bank to its people and why would many states be fighting to become independent such as Jammu-Kashmir, Chechnya etc (pardon my spelling mistakes and do correct me if I am wrong with my facts). I personally feel that if such examples are not realistic then they shouldn't be written down at all and not encouraged either. This is my opinion and I am not blaming anyone, everyone is free to voice their opinions.

Finally its Mr Chen, who has now named me: Princess of Northern Pakistan. Now I have no idea where that comes from or what gave him such an idea and if such a place exists. Last Year during the first three months it was Medusa thanks to my curly hair and I accepted it because its my hair but how do you expect me to except what is not true...I am simply kidding as I do know that he is only joshing. He is a Great lecturer and tutor and there is no doubt about that. His tutorials are never boring or threaten to emit a sleeping drought like air as he deviates from one topic to one of his stories(which are rally entertaining) and still manage to teach us a whole load before we realise that the 50 minutes have just whizzed past and it's the next lesson. Today he told us about how he would sprint to look at this girl that he liked at the bus-stop and how he is not kinda afraid by RG girls due to what happened in his Junior College days. After hearing this lil bit about him I realised that he is really sweet(altogether "awwwww") and caring as I remembered how he volunteered to drop Marlz home when she was sick or hurt last year. The thing is no one would think of him as sweet if you do not get to know him through his stories.

So here is what I have learnt about my teachers and it is interesting, it adds a lil bit of spice to the normal and lazy hum-drum of a typical school day. Thank you Teachers...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Always changing

I was reading Vanessa's blog yesterday and what she wrote really made sense, she said that after this year we will never get the same environment and atmosphere as our hilarious class again.It is true but then again, isn't it the same whenever a change in life occurs right?

For the last couple of days i have been lost in my own thoughts at times and realise how life can just be so surprising or uncanny. Yet a few things remain constant and never-changing and we may tend to forget them if they remain in the background. I hope i never ignore these essential things/people before i do something silly like forgetting their presence.

Besides all these abstract stuff that i usually write about, i have another interesting piece of news that will dispel thoughts of me being a lazzy piggy(like i am really affected by that....haha.) We had a religious gathering at my place and my mum had decided to make dinner for all the 40+ people that were coming. As my maid was fired in December, there were a pile of utensils that needed intense scrubing and washing by the time i reached home at 5.30 pm from an exhausting day at school thanks to a morning run in the hot sun that decided to appear after days of non-stop raining. So i had a quick shower to remove the sweat and grime from all the running and began washing all these weird utensils that make their presence known during cooking for masses. So i began washing from 6 till 10pm. I was in a daze: 1st for washing a huge mound of utensils at one shot, non-stop, 2nd for the state that my hands were in thanks to the dishwashing liquid( the bottle was 3/4s empty when i finished) and 3rd the aches in my shoulder and back. Till yesterday my hands felt as if they were vacuum packed in a rigid plastic glove. Before i hit the sack yesterday, i decided to use my trusty 1st choice hand lotion: Cocoa butter hand and body lotion from Marks and Spensers. This morning i was shocked when i looked at my hands, i had bits and pieces of dead skin flakes that removed the plastic like feeling from my hands but left them looking as if there was a fall of dandruff on my hands as the dead skin was coming off from every single mm of my palms. So this morning after my bath i used my 2nd most trusty choice: Jergens' Original Scent Cherry Almond moisturiser that has restored my hands to its original state.

With that a piece of advice, always know your body and use products that suit you. Do not go and experiment with every single product that comes out in the market and do not use them just because someone you know is using them as your body is very different from the next . I am saying this from watching my mum trial and error with new products that i have alrady lost count and she hasn't benefitted from this at all. Oh, and if you do have the option of getting a product that smells great( i mean those which have natural essence not fake strawberry smells) instead of those without scent, get that because the smell will make you feel good and by feeling good its a psychological thing that makes recovery faster.

Another reason for feeling good is that the Sun has finally decided to shine its warmth and light on Singapore again after days of thunderstorms that left everyone and everything gloomy. Thank you....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Rain is Sweet

Well today was one of my crazy days, I ran for the wrong bus, ran down 4 floors for my bottle, felt my brain stretch during GP, was kinda Crazy during CCA reqruitment, found out that David will no longer be coaching us, laughed with the Debator Grls and Sherry for absolute no darn reason, was infuriated at certain behaviours of certain people(please do not ask me who they are) and absolutely disgusted at a selected few.

Would like to thank David for being absolutely patient with his worst student( or whatever we are called), being sweet in his own ways which just gross all of us out and being his vain self. Yes we know you are in your prime Mr Gabriel, Senior. Mr Gabriel, Junior is your son Mark.

Am kinda waiting to meet my juniors for eldds, and meet our new coach who happens to be young, younger than Ms K( do not worry i will not expose your age) and a national debator. Lets hope the lunch on Saturday works out.

I feel drained for some reason and i enjoyed falling asleep on the sofa, all curled up and nice cool wind blowing in from the balcony. I woke up with a blocked nose but i love the feeling of waking up refreshed yet dazed.

I miss the days i spent in TKG with my best friend, having lunch and recess at the weirdest places, earning CIP ours by growing veggies in the greenhouse and persuading teachers to buy and ended up getting our teacher-in-charge Mr Peh to buy them all, Squabbling with Mr Kevin Ang like how i do with Mr Chris Chen right now( btw both of them enjoy squba diving, hope that if they ever meet during their expeditions, the fact that i am their student doesn't prop up....however i think they are amazing teachers, just the way teachers should be), walking around the whole school with my nose in my books without banging into anything or anyone and greeting teachers at the same time, being top reader of the month for about 6-7 months not only for my level but was the top reader of all 4 levels, and just chatting away in class and being part of the different triple science class.

This post seems filled whats gone, and i truly believe that i will never forget these times. To all who i have known, hope you have a great future and hope to meet in the future. Take Care and Good Nite to all. Its raining again and i cant wait to curl up under my soft blankies again....Sweet Dreamz to all..... The rain falls softly with a sweet lullaby that lulls me and everyone off to sleep...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The school year begins

Its great to see everyone in School again, my classmates, my debator grls, other school friends and teachers as well. Lessons have begun with the constant reminders of our upcoming 'A' levels. Lessons are going to begin with full force next week and this is easily proven as we have an upcoming Rocks and Landforms test. It would be too risky to spot and i sincerely do not hope that i flunk my first test absolutely horribly.

Besides lessons, the orientation for the freshies started and it came to an end yesterday with the campfire. Our homeroom has become our place of refuge during the number of free periods we have everyday. The timetable gave us quite a shock as we end at 5 everyday and the possibility of having shorter thursdays and fridays has brought up our spirits dramatically.

I do know that studying in Singapore especially a JC isn't exactly an easy journey, however if i really do want to make a difference i know i am going to have to ignore the distractions and overcome the hurdles as I definitely will not get to live in the lap of comfort and luxury without any hurdles.

I just wanna end by thanking my dear classmates who make school life so much more fun and bearable. Good Luck to everyone with the upcoming test and many others that come along....Take care and Tataz