Sunday, February 26, 2006

Such an emotional person i am

This week was mentally and physically exhaustive, the main reason was the punishment that was imposed on our class due to 4 discipline cases,according to the general office, and something had to be done about it; so we did 4 essays in 3 days and were subjected to silent treatement and primary school greetings. All in all, a bunch of us had discussions for hours and finally we had a tete a tete with our CT who once again repeated her views and heard us out and i spoke on behalf of the class to calm everything and ended up the whole thing by apologising.(what for? i have no idea but if it did any good to either or both parties i don't see anything wrong with apologising, oh and i never say sorry for fun, i do mean my sorries)On friday things seemed much better and the treatments seemed passe.

Besides that, yesterday the Debator Grls with the exception of Denise headed down to NUS for the debate chancellor shield semis and finals. All the trainings with Deborah are paying off as we were able to catch the right points, understand the importance of eloboration and explaination and learnt how to group up points under headings to facilitate yourself and the adjudicators. It was peaceful to seat under the shades of the huge trees and have a talk with Sin Yi so that she can move on and not to be bogged down by a friend's behaviour, although personally i was kind of shocked by the behaiour as well because both the matters are very very trivial. So i was down for a while as well however the cool breeze in the hot air and ants that were trying to molest us got us out of our stupor. We changed benches as the sun was slowly roasting our skins, cobwebs in another grossed us out, ants thats molested us drove us to a perfect bench before the clouds broke and let the shower down on us so we seeked for shelter at a study bench after which we proceeded to look around when Steph joined us which caused me to shout out like i usually do in school and broke the concentrations of everyone who were studying, but those there studying were really nice and smiled instead of shouting me down with stares. Happily filled out surveys for a student as we were very obvious that we were youths/teenagers . Went back to the law faculty to watch the finals in Moot Court. It was RJC vs HCJC and for the 2nd time RJC beat HCJC although it was a 4:3 ratio compared to the unanimous result last year during JCDC, although i supported HCJC on both counts and i truly feel that although Sheng is a great speaker and debator.(there is no doubt about that, i wonder if i will ever be able to get to his standard. oh and he is a wonderful guy that has loads of charisma and very friendly, as he is the only one from the RJ team that smiles at us. although i just laughed out at the JCDC prize presentation when their flag fell and everyone else rollded their eyes at me, he gave me a knowing smile. Such a nice guy!) I just remembered i smiled at him and turned away so that Sin Yi and Steph received his smiles, this is one of the things that they will always remember about him as he is their chummy.

Hehehehe i feel wonderful as i had a wonderful day with people that i care about and enjoy being with although i didnt get any work done. By the Way it was also proven that i am horrible at places in Town. This white guy with amazing blueish grey eyes, a tourist perhaps, came up to me and asked where is the enterance to Swissotel and i said "I am sorry, i am not very sure, why dont you go into Robinsons and ask." The hilarious thing is i was standing at the taxi stand outside Robinsons at Raffles City and that is Swissotel. Gosh, i seriously have to hit town and Orchard road on a daily basis next year.

Although this week wasn't exactly perfect in all aspects, a perfect day with amazing people make up for it. Having spent a day at NUS has made me want to pursue in getting into Law or Business Administration. I just have to concentrate on my studies, which i am not right now. I do hope all my concentration during lectures pays off so that i do not look at my lecture notes wondering what language is that? To Sin Yi, i just wanna tell you that life is full of Happiness and Sorrows and we have to go through both, so keep going on and don't give up on the hope of having friends or don't change yourself for others. Take care dear and thanks for such a wonderful day yesterday.....

Friday, February 17, 2006

I am shocked and disgusted

I happen to have a double free period right now and along with a couple of classmates i decided to come down to the library. It just happened that i came to my blog and went to my tagboard and i was met with someone who used my name and typed out "you suck!!!". I do not expect everyone who reads my blog to like me or agree with me but i would rather have you voice your opinions with some sort of responsibilty. If you happen to be someone i know and are afraid to use your name fearing confrontation from me, you could have atleast tagged under anonymous INSTEAD OF IMPERSONATING ME!!!!!! I am absolutely infuriated. I just looked at the IP address and it seems as if someone from school might have done this. To the person who did this, i would like to tell you, i do not mind you voicing your opinion however please exercise some CONSIDERATION, RESPONSIBILITY and MATURITY!!!!!

Well i think i have ranted enough although i am going to be a little mad, i have to inform my readers that i have learnt about the Female Soccer Coach. Dear adher, enlightened me. His name is Gino(have no idea about the spelling), he is married and has 2 children. His family is in Indonesia and is here for work. If anyone is wondering, if i am going to do anything crazy after tuesday, i am sorry to burst your bubble, i am going to content myself admiring him from far. Besides that, I have been reading Nicholoas Spark's books The Guardian and Message in a Bottle. I was finishing Message in a Bottle in the Library yesterday while working on our Gothic Project when i reached the last chapter and tears started rolling down my face, i am a silent crier. What moved me was the sincerity and love that Garret showed in his letters when he could not express himself in words. I broke down when i read A Walk to Remember, i have not watched the movie till now, Nicholas wrote so beautifully that it really portrayed the true feelings that Landon had after Jamie's death. What is rather amazing is that the characters have not been portrayed as perfect people, they are humans that succumb to human nature which is natural however, it is the ability to ask for forgiveness, the sincerity and true words that come from the bottom of their heart. I have read loads of moving books before but Nicholas Sparks always manage to tug a heartstring of his readers. What makes his books great to his readers is that he is a young and goodlooking author. Haha...i am going back to my original self.

Meanwhile, Marilyn, Marlina, Lisa, Vanessa, Wan Wen and I have been recruited to do the morning assembly yesterday, today and for monday as well. I think i have qualified as a great spotter for the national flag. Despite the original hitches that we had gone through, we have all improved and Morning Assemblys are smooth when we carry them out. The Priniciples have acknowledged our wonderful service and we have been praised by all teachers as well. The feeling is great....

Oh well i am leaving this post of here right now and i would like to plea to my readers not to impersonate me. Everyone is unique and please embrace who you are, even if you are deriving fun at my expense. I sincerely thank you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~Happy Valentine's Day and Friendship Day to all~

Feb 14 2006 was an amazing day although we had to go early for a make-up geog lecture. Almost everyone brought little momentos for everyone be it in the form of chocolates or notes. Through out the entire day, we gorged on chocolates and the "pig spirit" according to Marilyn had invaded everyone.

I started feeling woozy before morning assembly as i ate the Dove choc that Wan wen had gotten for everyone, its due to the rise in sugar levels in the morning.(i am weird, after my standard brakfast of cereal with wheatgerm, honey and milk, my stomach tends not to accept anything else especially food that is high in sugar.) I had 3 more chocs after that and the last was a half melted dark cream Merci(i lurve dark choc), that i savoured while trying to sort out my file and attending to the Lit Lecturers commands of collecting notes for the class,which saved me from spoiling my throat which had recovered from a horrible bout of flu. Throughout all the lessons, no one seemed to be able to concentrate on anything. Gp was fun as we discussed about Love and i said: To love is to respect( coz it applies to all sorts of love; parental, sibling, lover/spouse, pets, children etc.)

{Caution: I am going to be gushing very soon and it may disgust you.}

It wasn't until after our strenuous PE that all the fun began. During PE, i spotted the Female soccer coach and my oh my is a hot darkchoc. He looks fantastic and has a great personality as well. So after PE, when we went down to the canteen for Marlina to buy her drink, Marilyn and I started to ogle at the coach. Gosh, he is amazing. While we were admiring him, (i still do not know his name) Mr Chris Chen came into our view and we realised that he looked weird as he was carrying a backpack and had his t-shirt tucked in all the way into his shorts. The 3 of us couldn't just help laughing (which caused Mr Chen to look at us) and when i stifled my laughter, i shouted out to him: "Untuck your t-shirt". The hilarious thing was that he gave me one of his supposingly terrifying looks and then tried to pull out a lil from the front and ended up removing one strap of his backpack and untucking his entire t-shirt. This definitely made him look much better, however it left me feeling sad so being mean to him and thought about apologising to him(well come to think out it, i did save him from the horrible comments he would have recieved from the soccer guys). So with this excuse, the 3 of us "tried" to look for him and continued admiring our chumy/eyecandy. A few minutes later, we settled down and continued with our "search" as Marilyn gave wonderful commentaries and I joined in when i was sane. Soon enough, we were joined by Evelyn who agreed that the coach has great looks and once we got our bags, we sat down comfortably, enjoying the cool breeze and the great scene infront of us. ( By The Way, Mrs Chua is a steady jogger and i almost broke her momentem by telling her that the field's soil had hygroscopic water and i apologised to Mr Chen when he started on his rounds however i burst out laughing again when he tried to juggle the ball with his feet.) Our patience was fruitful as the Coach gave us a close-up view of his features (unexpectantly) when he decided to have a water break. The 4 of us were simply stunned and i almost swooned on Marilyn's shoulder. We continued with our star-gazing till 6.45pm before we decided to make a move when He decided to take a water break right after we departed. At this sight, Marilyn and I almost brokedown into tears over the railing on the ramp leading up to the Atrium. Mind you my dear readers, its not his looks which has pulled a heartstring of ours its his amazing patience and personality that attracted us as well( we deduced this when he patiently thought this girl, who was recieving one-on-one training from him. Did i feel upset for not joining Female soccer this year? The Answer is YES!!)

I have a huge feeling that i made a fool of myself infront of my geog teachers and the soccer guys(like i could really be bothered about what they thought, if they actually noticed us) and the few passerbys. Marlina and Marilyn, did perk me up when they said that he did look in our direction alot and smiled alot(have i mentioned that his smile is a mega-watt one that is heart-warming) at us however it could be in our direction but not meant for us or actually me and he could have been smiling to restrain his urge to laugh out loud at my silly antics.

Oh well, in the end i am Ecstatic for such a beautiful end to a school day on Valentine's Day and i sincerely believe that all this gazing was not harmful to any party as it is not like we get to see him everyday. Thank you to all who gave me loads of Chocs, sweets, lil notes and such, i really appreciate it and so does my stomach. Finally for those who do know what is the name of this hunky dory guy, please inform me soon before i come up with some cheesy nickname. Thank you and Enjoy the final hours of V-day and Friendship day. Peace and Lotsa lurve...AnneJ

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My plain writing style

Having read my classmate's essays i have realised that i have a plain and clipped way of writing. I do horribly in Lit, all three papers and i am desperately trying hard to be lit friendly but i guess i could do with a couple of pointers from dear lisa baby who treats me like a squashy bed or pillow when actually i am absolutely bonny.

Well thats about it for pouting over my writing style coz i seriously cant go on and whine over it even if i want to. Besides that i have realised that i love observing people and i guess thats how i happen to learn alot about others even when i have not been told about their likes and dislikes. Although i love being part of nature i enjoy going to town where there are lots of eye candies, but that is besides the point. I just lurve walking through that place as its different filled with people in all colours, sizes, shapes doing loads of things. Its amazing to say hi to lil kids, tourists, and smile back at those that smile at you. It feels great when a sweet elderly grandma totters up to you and says that i shall donate $10 to you because you look like a nice girl and i know that you are(mind you i wasn't begging, i was doing CIP, i realised i had better add this in after i had published this and happend to be reading my blog for fun). I almost hugged the grannie then but i couldnt me coz my hands were filled then. Besides, i lurve to window shop at places that have great brands and at quaint little shops that seem on the verge of extinction yet they survive because people like me head down and make their day. The colonial houses that double up as museums are wonderful places to visit and finally heading down to perfume houses and test the new fragrances without the help of the saleswomen/men because they know that i am careful and i wont break their precious bottles.

I can't wait for next year when i can spend entire days in town with no nagging worries of school, although i will be paying quiet a bit as the concessionary fares terminate. Thats sad but that won't stop me from heading down there anyway. Besides the Fort Canning Park is an amazing place that i visited once during a fieldtrip there from primary school.

In conclusion it is deduced that i still have loads of places to explore in town and lots to learn. Besides i can't wait to go on a backpack tip to Europe, perhaps, during my university years so that i would be a little more world-wise and my parents would not be as paranoic as they are right now. Oh well i think i have rattled enough and i should stop here before i really prove it that my writing style is plain.