Thursday, October 27, 2005

Make every experience an educational one

Last friday, i sprained my ankle when i jumped of the ODAC structure thingie with one foot first then the other and since i did not bend forward like we do for standing broad jump, i fell on the hard mats n on one foot......thus i sprained it!!!!!!!!!(for those of u who have never sprained ur precious ankle before, lemme tell u something.....IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!) Thanks goodness for the first aid people who numbed my foot for the time being n bandaged it up for me....due to the lack of pain i joined in for the mass dance and did almost every step except those that involved twisting, hopping and jumping( that could be one reason for my ankle swelling up later).

The horrible thing about this sprained ankle was the fact that the next day(Saturday) it was the Red Cross humanitarian debates that i was supposed to attend but didnt. (btw Shu thanks for the Good Luck even though i didnt go and the girls were mighty depressed at the end of Saturday). On Friday night, the Grls came down to my place to compile our content and brush up on a lil bit of definitions.....but thanks to my swollen ankle i had to ask my parents to bring me to a doctor as i could only move the upper half of my body and my right leg. So when my parents came back, my mum came up to get me we realised that i simply couldn't guess what i modified my study chair(those computor lab kinds) as a wheelchair and dear Jashan roled me out to the door. The horrible thing about using the study chair is that if you push it straight it rolls diagnolly. Any way i was rolled all the way till the car and off we went to Changi GH. To say the truth, i had a bit of fun in the A & E, due to the real wheelchair( which is pretty easy to move around on my own) and yea it was the wheelchair that i had fun with, but i was completely grossed out at some of the bloody cases, i mean there was real blood i wasn't cursing or anything.

Well if it was n't bad enough if i had to use crutches(which i didnt use) Pricky refused to allow me to go for the debates on Saturday because she didn't want to take the responsiblity of me tripping and falling and she msged Jashan at 7 in the morning to tell me not to go!!!!!!!! If she was just mean to me it would have been fine and kinda acceptable but NO! The debates that day were horrible with tough motions, horrible adjudicators and 30 mins prep which we have never been trained or prepared for by Baldy. After the 2nd round the Grls wanted to concede a walkover for the 3rd round because they were really upset about their loss against SR when their case was definitely much better and the blond catholic women jus bashed the Grls with her horrible comments. What happened after that was an absolute disastor as Pricky left saying that she did not want to be involved. So the Grls were left to prepare for the 3rd round with 5 mins and just went for the 4th round for the sake of going for it.

I stayed at home on Mon and Tue as i had a mc and my ankle just refused to stop throbbing. Went to schl yesterday and came back with a swollen ankle, went to schl today to have my attendance taken and left right after that as my dad was waiting( yea yea i noe i am a kinda spoilt daddy's lil grl). Lisa was an absolute darling to walk me to the bus stop near the track, NurC and Van came to check on my ankle and told me to have a good rest. Thanks babes....

Actually thats what i did once i came home, changed and hit my bed and didn't wake up till about 11.50 a.m. Is this the life or what ( without the swollen sprained ankle)? Oh well i hope i get my anti-inflammatory cream tonight and my foot or rather my ankle gets better by tmw. I am praying really hard.......

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last Minute prep not advised but it worked for the 2nd Time

I can't believe this is the 2nd time our class left our preparation for our lit class assignment till the last minute. During the 1st 3 mths we had our Shakespeare dramatisation which no one could be interested until we watched the 1st group and everyone freaked out. Within 2 days we had our script refined with the cast, staged directions, lights, music, and costumes decided in less then 2 days, with most of the Credit going to Divyesh, Daniel and Shi han who worked on the script, with the cast and technicians being just great especially Janna who was great with the music and was commented for her work by Dr S, Ms K and Mrs Cindy Loh. It was absolutely great with Tricia as our leading actress looking absolutely smashing, our two bouncers(div and faisal), our sad duke(daniel) and our indian captain(fuad who was forced into dropping his sarong leaving a pair of yellow boxers with a flower painted in the middle at Ewis's place). All this last minute effort really payed off when we WON THE TOP PLACE and recieved 3 boxes of chocolates from Marks and Spencers!!! Thats our class who was involved in one way or another for the play......hehe there is a reason why every one is pointing to fuad.........

Well we recieved another one after our last promo paper which was lit ppr 8, it was a dramatic debate on Measure for Measure. It was completely forgotten or rather it was ignored till monday when the class present decided on boycotting the costumes and the meeting was adjourned. On Tuesday, which is today, Marlina and I being the lit rep and all decided to gather the class and decide on who was going to speak since Ewis who was going to play Angelo fell sick and we were in a complete mess. So we all gathered at the benches behind LT 3 and started discussing. Justin and Fuad were'nt willing due to the fact that they participated in the GP debates and wanted other to go. At first, Marlina was an absolute darling as she always is by volunteering to be Mistress Overdone, then I followed by opting to be Angelo so we were left with 2 characters(Lucio and Claudio) that had to be filled. We persuaded Andy to play one of the roles with Wan wen half willingly and half persuaded volunteered to take the other role when Andy had decided who he wanted to play. The roles switched a couple of times between Wan wen and Andy before we went into LT 3, with the hope of the aircon being on BUT it was'nt!!! Oh well, but it was a productive place as we came up with really good points especially since the motion was: The whorehouse believes that Isabella is a hypocrite. Everyone just started to pitch in and Alan who was feeling bored decided to be the door stopper and keep the door open to let the air in since it was getting kinda stuffy and Vanessa who was helping with the points, went to hold open the other door. Justin was absolutely amazing with all the jokes and stuff which he came up with which the 3 of us modified to suit our speeches. Oh and a final point is that we started all this at 10.00a.m when our lit period was starting at 11.45a.m.

So finally we made our way to LT 1 and while waiting, Malz and I rushed up to the staffroom to borrow Miss Angeline Sim's shawl as all the other groups were reasonably well-dressed or dressed in some way to suit their character. The 1st 2 rounds were hilarious due to the intentional and accidental sexual puns and jokes. When it came to our round the four of us were feeling jittery but that compelety wore off thanks to Marlz who started out great, fabulous for us and completing the 3 mins was a breese. The only thing was our opponents who seemed on the verge of breaking down and crying and it seemed as if they took everything we said personally. Nevertheless, our last speaker Wan wen who played claudio, closed our side with a huge BANG with her signature Why???s and hand actions especially when she said hypocritical, she was absolutely Wonderful and was considered for best speaker.

Finally Dr S came up to the mick and gave a lil prep talk before announcing the results(she mentioned the prizes as well).So the results are........Drum roll please........Runners up are A202!!!!!!!!! Just like the first time it took me sometime to register that we won before i started cheering. We sent Wan wen down to collect our $50 BUCKS SWENSENS voucher(man the lit department are generous when it some to prices!). The winners were A201 who got a $100 swensens voucher with Muslim being the best speaker and got a $20 Borders voucher. Told ya the lit department is rich and kind. They rawk especially Miss Marilyn Goh who went to get them. Its a pity our whole class wasn't around to enjoy the celeberation. Any way, my dear dear classmates told us that we ought to use the voucher for us 4 debators but we will take a class trip to Swensens after ramadan as a class outing and enjoy our hard work!!!!! Man do i love my class and the lit department today and will continue to do so forever.

Oh do i wish that we had taken a photo taken today like we did the last time but i guess we will take much funkier ones during our trip to Swensens. cant wait till then......

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What makes a home?

Picture a house that looks great to outsiders; its spick and span, nicely decorated and all and the inhabitants looks just fine to the outsiders. But once the outsiders are gone, it becomes are jail to the inhabitants except for the one who acts like the jailer/dictator. The owner too becomes a prisoner, and no one has a say in what they can or cannot do cause its the jailer who decides everything. The jailer infront of others will act all goodie and submissive but in the house it seems as if the split personality takes over. The atmosphere is suppresing and everything that the prisoners do is in fear of the jailer's temper which flares for absolutely no darn reason. Every move is monitored and scrutinised. One by one all the prisoners, who try to encourage each other to go on with life, start to drift apart. The family lives together but there is no connection holding them together as relationships begin to fall apart. One of them is able to forget or rather ignore the occurences and continue due to the support she has from those who love her but are not related to her, but it does not seem to apply to the hired help who simply takes all the nonsense of the jailer but there has to be a limit to that too right while the owner keeps the problems to himself and tried to satify the jailer but to no avail and has given up on the jailer and would find it a miracle if the jailer ever changes . The surprising thing about these people is their level of endurance because they live with the hope of the jailer changing and being capable of loving and satisfied with the luxurious life that she lives.

From all this i just pray for one thing that no one ever has to live like this and if they ever have to they have have a great friend that will be able to understand them.

(P.S: i noe this sounds depressing but it is true and do not take it too seriously and depress yourself....peace and take care)

Best Friends; can't imagine life without them

A friend once told me that the reason why i am close to my Grl bestfrens is because i am not attached and i COMPLETELY do not agree with this. I mean it would be an absolutely sad life if my life just revolved around my bf. I have known all my 3 bestfrens for 11 years now and how can i just leave and forget them althogether? afterall we have all stood by each other through thick and thin and stuck through the times when we had all our girly fights over absolutely trivial stuff and all.

We started out from the same primary school where we first met went on to different secondary schools although the two of us (Amar and me) were in the same school but right now all of us are doing completely different courses in different JCs and Polys with Economics being our common subject. (after all we aint bestfrend for no reason...) We do not share the same school holidays no more which makes it harder for us to meet but when we do meet we seem to multi-task like anything as we catch up, bully each other and the most important thing: to have FUN!!!Thats what we are known for any way.

We met for Navratri(an Indian festival) yesterday and although we could not stay till the end together we definately had fun and i can bet that all of us can't wait till we meet again whenever that will be.

So i simply can't see how anyone would just drift away from their bestfrens once they are attached, i mean i definately do not expect my guy to give up his bestfrens and choose me over them coz there are somethings or some special moments that you have shared with your bestfrens that you can forget. I hope that this never happens to any one but what happens if you breakup.....its your bestfrens whom you look for comfort and they are the ones that will be there definately be there if you ever need them.

Well i can solemnly promise that i will never leave/give up my bestfrens for anything in the world cause they are PRICELESS and nothing or no one can ever replace them coz its they who make my days when i ever feel down....its our unspoken feelings that keep us closeknit right now and will continue to do so in the future. Would just like to wish Gd luck to Amar, Jeis and Heenz for their promo's and module results respectively and cant wait to meet you Grls again and this time we are going to have a Blast like always......miss ya loads already

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Card Games, Debates and Another food for Thought

I have to finally admit that i am simply not made for card games at all. Wednesday was meant to be a complete waste since about half of the class did not come and out of those that came a couple left right after assembly leaving a handful of us out of which half were participating in the Interhouse games which leaves Shu, tight shirt, marlz, rad and nurc. Malrz left at 1 to go home n that left me with two guys....TWO GUYS(tight shirt n shu, but they r nice guys so its fine)!!!! But the good thing is that i do not get bullied by them i am the one that bullies them.....hehe after all i am not called the lady boss for no reason right....hehehe.

Tight shirt brought his UNO cards and during the PW period we started playing Uno. Then Rad told us about this game that we ended up naming Hamburger coz its real name Hump the Hamburger is too sick and hilarious when trying to play it. I am not going to try to explain this game coz i can't...its as simple as that. Any way it gets really interesting when we change names and our names were BiZArre!!! especially when tight shirt, shu and i started to play. We started wih our screen names as above and then tight shirt changed his to tity and finally Xmen legends 2. Shu changed his to pipsqeak(what was he thinking idea) to nips on my face to nips on your face. Told u the names were weird. I changed mine from AnneJ which wasnt really used to shasha to nincompoop(courtesy of Shu who gave me that name) to pink bottle but it was too easy for the guys n i finally changed it to shasha's pink bottle BUT i still lost!!!!!! Oh n a point of information, if you ever play with tight shirt take care of your hands and i mean it....he tries to whack your fingers so that you would forget his name but apparently it didnt work on me thanks to my long nails. hehe, lady boss with long, hard nails BEWARE......

Well thursday was Great thanks to the Debator Grls. Btw our motto is Debating brings out the Bitch in you. We were supposed to meet to discuss for our upcoming Red Cross Debate which we are just entering for the fun of it if we loose we shant take it too hard (actually we have never taken it too hard...we simply bitch about the others and ourselves....juz kidding we aint sore loosers) So the 3 of us, Jashan Steph and me, met at about nine, self declared our own recess at about 9.57 and went to the discussion room that was kindly booked by Jashan.( oh i forgot we went to look for max chong to help us clear our doubts about humanitarian issues but he was on reservist so we asked colin cheong and it was shocking esp for Jashan who for some reason had held colin cheong in high esteem but never knew of his absolutely blunt sarcasm). So after that we went to the discussion room and unknowingly started bitching about Pricky(Jashan named the person sea urchin first but it was too long for us so Steph came up with Pricky and me being the captain approved of it and started its usage....Lolz) and Baldy(if you do not know who they are please do not ask me) and exhausted every single topic we could dig out by 12.05 (Denise came in to save us from being kicked out half way and joined the absolutely productive discussion of ours...hehe). Well after this we had absolutely had no idea what to do and decided to go for an early lunch at West plaza and walked there with the hope of killing some time but it just did not work. Had lunch, went to 7 11 and started walking back when the food started taking toll on all of us. We were walking like absolute drunkards, laughing stopping and bursting into laughter again. Lets hope no one we know drove past then if not it is going to be sad and weird answering their weird questions. ( like duh rite weird questions get weird answers if we were doing something weird) We walked all the way to the main gate and sat at the porch when Jashan and I started our Indian accents and freaked poor Sin Yi who wanted to go home to get ready for Mark.

Speaking of Mark i just remembered what i said. Well it happened when he wanted us to correct his posture for speaking, everything was fine but his feet werent together shoulder width apart but instead of saying that i pointed down and said "they r unequal". Now if someone was looking they would understand that i wasnt clearly at his feet but on a general scale of below the waist. (so go figure that out) Mark looked down, then looked at me and asked " can you be a little more specific, what is unequal" . The grls and i realised what i said and all of us including Mark burst out , with Mark who is always pink started blucshing so hard that he turned red. I think it was about 10 mins b4 we finally settled down. One thing is for sure Mark is absolutely fantastic, he teaches us stuff about debates in one session which we have never even covered a fraction of it in the entire year.

Friday was fine, nothing exceptionally great happened besides the fact that i was stonning major during Econs lecture, well i wasnt the only one doing that...hehe. Well these were the higlights about this week and it was definately great on the whole. But today is going to best every single one of these like any thing...finally my best frens are going to meet after say 5 months which is lonnnnngggggg compared to the fact that we used to be in the same school.

Oh yeah about the food for thought, i heard it on friday and it is definately interesting: Some people play games with their mind but sometimes the mind plays games on the person itself. Its actually kinda mind boggling if you read it the first time, i myself had to say the sentence a couple of time in my head before i understood what it meant but i cant think of examples of people playing games on their mind and vice versa.

I am going to take a cat nap and get myself of fresh so that i can stay up till 1+ tonight and get ready later....till later tataz yall

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Relief for a while

At last the promos are finally over and i guess then went average on the whole cause while geog went reasonably well, econs essays were horrible but the mcq and drq were fine, lit shakespeare went fine but the gothic and practical criticism were tricky....therefore i have absolutely no idea how to describe my promos except Average.....a score of 6.6/10.....sounds crappy i noe, but that is part of who i am after all.

Don't wanna talk about the promos no more, it was torturous enough to go through them once n its worse to think about them again. Besides the promos, a topic has been bugging me juz like a stupid, irritating, fat fly (the kind that you wanna squash but will be disgusted once its squashed) buzzing around. Its actually a question: What causes people to become unfaithful especially after marrige?????

This stupid fly was hibernating till i chatted with my best fren the other day and she told me about the bollywood breakups. Actually i have tried to find some sort of answer to this question and it really comes down to the basics of why get married. Is it cause you love a person only for their outer appearance which seems to be pretty true in todays context but i cant possibly say that looks aren't a factor actually its a BIG factor but it isnt the only thing that determines if that person will be your chummie or your future partner right. But then again even if looks weren't the factor then What is it that causes them to stray and this problem doesnt goes lie with one gender but its common between both the male and the female. Well the only other possible reasons i can think off are those done out of greed for money, prestige, maybe even younger partners and possibly even sex or the lack of it.

This darn question is juz to to mind boggling and instead of making me able to find the answers by thinking alot it juz causes me to have a headache, urgh! any way it feels better now that i have put it down and am planning on just leaving it and hopefully never to think about it again....hehe....

Oh and btw since this is my first official post i do have to warn my readers that i tend to just blabber or rant alot(actually are'nt they the same thing...maybe they are not). I may or may not tend to put in my daily stuff and treat this like my personal diary coz i still have my personal diary and am planning on sticking to it.....but tht does not mean tht i wont put up interesting anecdotes of what happens. ( for eg, today while waiting for our last paper which was lit ppr 8 Tight shirt, the joker, shu, Fuad, Diana and i decided to go to the library to watch a movie with the hope of practising our ppr 8 skills on the movie. First of all, the discussion room which had the TV was taken up by the soccer guys who were watching a movie and that made us change our mind and we wondered around the library*at this pt the joker decided to puss out and recharge himself so we left him on the 2nd floor*, which was full of studious mjcians, untill i had a brilliant idea of watching the movie on a comp in the comp lab. The 2nd thing that prevented us from watching it was that the comps could not read dvds and because of that we had to go out and choose vcds instead. After that the first comp that we were at was simply spoilt and we had to move to another comp. When we finally started Mystic River, shu and i started our discussion of who the characters. Now this made us change to a no brainer movie whose title was something about a cuckoo flew over or something. But all this changing and movements had made us so restless that we could'nt sit still and were all restless. As a result tight shirt went to the next comp and went to Now this was where all the fun began. The flash movies are absolutely hilarious * a MUST see is the asshole song* although some are meant to be watched in the privacy of your home or more preferably your room as you will know when you watch the song that follows the asshole song. All this seriously killed about 3 hours of our time which went surprisingly fast. Thats what happens when you are having fun!) Besides blabbering and all i do tend to go off point at times so do forgive me if you do not happen to see the link between one sentence from another, and you may kindly inform me through a tag or comment although i would rather that you read the entire post first as that might be the actual sequence of events.

I think i have said more than enough for my first official post or it may just seem that way to me coz i am beginning to daze from trying to destress. Any way i will just leave things over here at this moment and wish ya'll Gd nite, Sweet Dreamz for now.....

till later Tooodles

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Inizio-the beginning

Well i finally got a blog and will resume upgrading this thing with full full force in the coming weeks